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Autumn is a magical time when nature changes its outfit, and we... 

Healthy collaboration by Tatko and Gavra

Together with Gavra, we created this collaboration to combine beauty and taste. From ordering one of our products, one bar as a GIFT 🎁, and a 20% discount on the promotional code in the certificate of products from Gavra that you will find in the box. Click and taste new delicious bars.

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Our story

A short story about creating something bright and beautiful.

📎 How did you come up with the idea of a children's store?
The idea to create something beautiful has been brewing for a very long time.
We decided that it would be children's clothing during one sleepless night.
The next day, we arranged a meeting with a designer and agreed to cooperate and help develop the first models.
During the first month of work, we created 9 models and sewed the first products.

📎 Why a children's clothing store?
We want to make children beautiful and happy!

The name is like a talisman!
It's about love and care.

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Why do we choose natural fabrics and give preference to them?

We use only natural fabrics that are safe and gentle to the child's body. They have antibacterial and antiseptic effects. These are linen, muslin, cotton. All of them are 100% natural.